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Everyone starts blogging with an intention of getting a lot of subscribers and frequent visitors to make it a huge hit. However, the vast majority start blogging endeavor with a base-level shared hosting; which is ideal at the initial phase, but on starting to get bigger number of hits, you need to thin of better hosting solutions. Here we will discuss about such top 2 hosting for high traffic WordPress sites.

Changing scenario in hosting

It is going to be unfortunate affair for a non-tech blogger to get a message from your hosting provider that your site cannot be handled due to heavy load. However, you need not worry about this mishap anymore as nowadays hosting companies put forth many great packages to host high traffic WordPress sites.

Set aside the fear of growth as now sky is the limit in hosting arena with easy and instant WordPress hosting services to handle high traffic websites. We will further discuss about a couple of smart hosting options to try out for high traffic WordPress sites.


Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta Managed Hosting is another ideal hosting service for WordPress to meet heavy traffic needs. Kinsta uses Nginx, PHP5-FPM, HHVM, Redis, Memcache etc. to make the WordPress to sites super-fast. Entry level plans of Kinsta starts at $287 per month for 10 WordPress sites.

However, one thing to be noted is there is limitation for the usage of too much JavaScripts on your page. If your portal stands on a lot of JavaScripts, then better check with them beforehand to evaluate your portal for free and suggest the plan. The other advantages you get with Kinsta managed hosting are;

  • Supporting unlimited visits.
  • Cost effective pricing & excellent quality.
  • 10 distinct server locations.
  • Free backup etc.



Cloudways offer you the options to host your site on Amazon or at DigitalOcean (DO) server. There is also a custom dashboard which offer you the option to easily install a newly built WordPress site. You can also move all your existing WordPress blogs too at this dashboard. One major advantage you get with Cloudways is that it is not just limited to WordPress websites.

Cloudways comes at a far cheaper price and the minimum plan starts at just $5 per month. Anyone with no technical knowledge can handle the process of Cloudways hosting without any hassle. Some major advantages to enjoy are;

  • Highly user-friendly dashboard.
  • Perfect entry-level and enterprise level hosting solutions
  • Option for real time scaling up or down.
  • You can enjoy a 14-day free trial as well as free site migration.


If you have a long-term plan to build the popularity of your blog with a business interest, it is advisable that you try out the best hosting platforms at the first point itself to meet the day by day increasing traffic.