Web traffic

More traffic to your e-commerce or business website means the number of prospective leads, more conversions, and ultimately more revenue. In this digital era, more customers reach to even your brick and mortar local store through the search engines and references through websites. So, more business revenue now is directly proportionate to more website traffic.

With the establishment of search engines, social media, and other new avenues of online communications, there are a wide range of opportunities for business marketers now to generate more and more traffic to your website. For the beginners into website marketing and traffic generation, let’s discuss a few major points here.

  1. Hiring a website traffic consultant

There are many digital marketing and website traffic generation service providers out there, but not all of them are good. Companies offer you a certain volume of traffic over a certain time period and a cost. In fact, apart from looking for the volume and cost factor, you need to also ensure that the traffic generated through their effort is ideally from your desired target audience to get any conversions out of it. You should compare the services of various such providers functioning in your domain to identify the one best for you. Along with measures to improve your organic traffic, it is advisable to buy website traffic also from reliable providers.

  1. Go social

Having the best quality content on your website is obviously good, but that is not enough to ensure that people will naturally reach to you. You need to have a proactive approach by reaching to where your target audience is. Nowadays, the most enthralling online spaces people flock onto are social media platform. Every online business with a website needs to have a social media strategy running in order to ensure traffic. Each social media platform has its own specialities as:

  • Twitter can be used for sharing short messages, tempting links, and time-critical offers.
  • Facebook can be used for effective B2C engagement.
  • Pinterest and Instagram could be ideal for visual and video promotions etc.
  1. Effectively handling on-page SEO

Your traffic generation strategies shouldn’t be limited to off-page SEO and social media marketing etc. You have to try and optimize your on-page content too for people to notice your presence through search engines. One should take care of all relevant aspects of the frequently updated algorithms of search engines for more organic visit traffic. Some on-page elements to consider are:

  • Streamlining the URLs and H1 tags for SEO.
  • Leveraging image alt texts and descriptions.
  • Effective internal link building.
  • Structuring SEO-friendly meta descriptions etc.


In fact, there are numerous other traffic generation initiatives like guest blogging, link building, increasing page loading speed, gaining domain authority etc. In any case, your entire traffic generation efforts will be wasted if there is no proper focus on the performance of your site. As we have seen, site loading speed, navigation, the responsiveness of your web pages etc. too are important in terms of getting more traffic to your website.

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